February 9, 2007
KFC Cup a test run for LOC

Vincentians will get a taste of what is to come in the Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 when the semifinals and finals of the KFC Cup come to the Arnos Vale Playing Field.

The Local Organising Committee for CWC 2007 will use the matches scheduled for February 15th to 17th to test certain aspects of their preparation for the world cup warm up matches to take place here from March 5th to 9th.{{more}}

Persons attending the regional games will have a chance to observe the security, volunteers, medical and media groups and grounds crew in action as they would be at the international event.

President of the local cricket association Julian Jack is calling on all cricket lovers to attend the event, as they would also see the players who would surely make up the core of the West Indies cricket team in action.

Jack said his association is ready to host the matches after an 18 month absence of regional competition here, and the wealth of experience in the association along with the LOC would guarantee a successful weekend of matches.

Cricket fans will also be treated to a number of prizes and giveaways leading up to and at the matches themselves, sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Manager of the local KFC Luke Boyea said that tickets and meals will be given to lucky winners as part of the company’s commitment to the tournament.

The semifinals and finals will be broadcast live on radio and television around the region. The four semifinalists have not yet been decided.