January 19, 2007
Best Dressed Cricket Team

Outfit in their spanking new cricket uniform compliments of Sprott Distributors, agents and Distributors of Digicel, the East Bank United Arnos Vale softball cricket team was adjudged Best Dressed on Sunday January 7 at the Dorsetshire Hill Playing Field.

This is the second year that Sprott Distributors and Digicel are sponsoring the team which participated in the East Kingstown Softball Cricket Competition{{more}}. Captain Roger Gibson expressed gratitude for the donation amounting to some $1,500 and said that the uniforms helped boost team morale. Sprott Distributors Brand Manager and Digicel Marketing Executive said that supporting sporting activities was crucial to the well being of people and that their companies would continue to give back to the society.

The team also received T-shirts, water bottles tote bags and uniforms from Sprott Distributors and Digicel.