Shannah aiming for the big leagues
June 16, 2006
Shannah aiming for the big leagues

She is small, especially by Basketball standards, but there is nothing stopping Shannah Browne from reaching the top in this sport. She returns to the Lincoln University in August where she spent the past ten months.

During that time, Browne distinguished herself as a player of worth. Playing as Point Guard, Brown has been praised for her academic and sporting ability.{{more}}

Originally from the South Central Windward village of New Grounds, Browne is a fairly recent player on the basketball court.

Her ability on the track in the 100 and 200 meters was well known. It is that speed which is making her a force to contend with.

Even before she was recruited to Lincoln, Browne had established a reputation as a passionate basketballer.

She played for the Kashie Angels; Trotman’s Electronics and the Community College Basketball Teams before her departure to the USA.

She is looking forward to greater things in the second year of her American sojourn.

She confessed that “Basketball is more of fundamentals. You have to know the game.”

Browne will be into the second year of a four-year scholarship and considers it natural to move to the WNBA.

She knows it will not be easy but accepts that self-discipline is required to accomplish success at any stage.

Her encouragement is: “Work hard and put God first. You can’t depend on someone else to get you there. You have to do it yourself.”

She acknowledges that there are opportunities for female basketballers, in light of performances by Sophia Young, Wendy Young, Sancho Lyttle, Madonna Hinkson, and Gailene Gordon.

Browne was a member of the Vincentian basketball squad, which took part in the Caribbean tournament in Cuba in 2004. She is disappointed that a similar squad has not been named for the Caribbean championship scheduled for Jamaica later this month.

Browne will be adding Communications to her academic timetable in her second year. And with a 3.75 Grade Point Average in the first year, she is on her way to accomplishing her rewards in the field of study.