June 16, 2006
LOC takes road show to Barrouallie today

Residents of Barrouallie, Layou and the surrounding areas will get their update on the ICC CWC World Cup 2007, this Friday June 16.

That’s when the Local Organising Committee of the CWC 2007, takes its Road Show to the Barrouallie Community Centre.

The Road Show will begin at 6.30pm, and will feature presentations on stadium development, ticketing, the volunteer programme and visitor hospitality.{{more}}

A six-member team from the LOC, led by the CEO, Mike Findlay, will be in Barrouallie for the presentations and will be available to answer any questions.

Findlay says that this is the third road show by the LOC, the others being in Georgetown and Bequia.

The CEO says that the response so far from the public has been satisfactory.

He issued an appeal to residents in the Barrouallie, Layou and Keartons area, to attend the Road Show.

“ It is important that all Vincentians attend these events so that they could develop an understanding of the ICC CWC World Cup, and become aware of their role in hosting the event, and how they could benefit,” Findlay said.

Following Barrouallie, the LOC will take its Road Show to the Mesopotamia Valley on July 18.

St.Vincent and the Grenadines will host England, Australia, Bermuda and Zimbabwe in the warm up leg of the ICC CWC World Cup 2007.