April 7, 2006
Local football goes on the web

When the Electronic Transaction Legislation is passed here, Vincentians will be able to do more business on the Internet. The enactment of that Bill will enable the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation to expand their line of operations. Telecommunications Minister Dr. Jerrol Thompson pointed this out last Friday.

Dr. Thompson, parliamentary representative for North Leeward, highlighted the importance of the website ( when he addressed the launch at the Federation’s headquarters. {{more}}

Dr. Thompson expressed fear that the website may result in reduced takings at the gates, but he acknowledged that avenues for development would be forthcoming with additional options.

And the cost of those transactions ought to be lower if things work out the way Dr. Thompson envisions it.

He is looking forward to a “significant decrease in the price of Internet.”

Acting Director of Sport St. Clair Bramble welcomed the Website.

He commended the Federation, but warned that it was “only the beginning.”

He challenged everyone to ensure that the objectives of the new facility were fulfilled.

Bramble encouraged coaches, footballers and potential players both male and female to take advantage of the Internet provision.

Bramble observed that the Website has come at a time when youngsters are “computer literate,” and he extended a further invitation to that category of persons to use it.

Bramble urged players and Clubs to make information available to the Federation so as to ensure the site’s accuracy. Bramble encouraged other sporting organisations to follow the Football Federation’s trend.