Football uniting nation say Parliamentarians
April 7, 2006
Football uniting nation say Parliamentarians

The game of football is a unifying force in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and must be maintained as such. This emerged during the official launch of the local football Federation’s Website ( last Friday.

That point was emphasised by two members of this country’s House of Assembly. Telecommunications Minister Dr. Jerrol Thompson highlighted the Website’s importance in his address. He urged cooperation in the thrust towards improvement of the sport here, and pledged government’s and his Ministry’s support. Thompson was picking up on a chord of harmony struck by Senator St. Claire Leacock, Federation President.{{more}}

Leacock pointed out that there were more things uniting us than those that divided us. He used two examples: Christianity and Football.

Leacock failed by 16 votes to secure the Central Kingstown constituency for the opposition New Democratic Party in the December 7, 2005 poll.

The theme of unity was endorsed by FIFA’s Development Officer Harold Taylor. The Trinidad and Tobago born official “stressed the need for cooperation.”

“We have to work together,” Taylor indicated. He expressed the wish that SVG would return to their days as one of the top teams in the Caribbean.

Taylor used his visit to SVG to finalise plans for the establishment of headquarters for the football federation. He called on football and government officials to put differences aside in the interest of national development.

There are accusations that government is partial to cricket, and the question of a home for football has been a subject of political innuendo.

The return of a cricket pitch at Victoria Park in Kingstown was viewed as having potential for conflict. There were suggestions of protest over the matter. Last Friday’s function engendered a spirit of understanding.

Leacock described football as an industry with potential for economic development.

As far as he is concerned, hurdles to the development of the sport here are being overcome.