March 10, 2006

SVGFF Eyes Brighton Field as New Home for Football

A proposal currently in the hands of the Sports Ministry could see the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation having a home for the sport. {{more}}

The proposal by the National Sports Council (NSC) advances the Brighton Playing Field as the most suitable venue.

Manager of the NSC Osbourne Browne said that the proposal was submitted last year giving the ministry the option of that field or the Buccament Bay Playing Field.

The latter has since been ruled out having been earmarked for development as predominantly a cricket facility.

Browne said that the Brighton field offered the federation the best possible option, as it is “well grassed and its location is ideal,” greatly reducing the federation’s infrastructure input. Browne disclosed that the choice of venue in that locale will not affect the other sporting facilities, as the Calliaqua and Stubbs fields would serve the area.

The federation through the FIFA Goal Project Programme has access to US$800,000 to spend to develop a venture of its choice.

Browne fashioned the idea that the field will also complement the National Stadium, which is soon to come on stream.

He said that the “football home” could be used as the training ground for the stadium as obtains at other stadia.

The Victoria Park has been long regarded as the “Mecca” and place for the acid test for local footballers. This venue has not seen competitive football for almost two years, and the refurbishing currently taking place will prolong the stay. To compound it, a cricket pitch has reappeared at the park.

The federation time after time has pleaded with the authorities to provide the most popular sport in the country with a home.

Much palavering and sermonising have taken place to have the needs met.

The sport has endured despite the lack of this important facility, and has brought glory and recognition to the nation.