SVG squad ready for Commonwealth Games
February 10, 2006

SVG squad ready for Commonwealth Games

The names of athletes taking part in this year’s Melbourne, Australia, Commonwealth Games were expected to be released yesterday.

On Wednesday, February 8, the National Olympic Committee (NOC) held a press conference and gave an overview of the preparations for the Commonwealth Games.{{more}}

Trevor ‘Sailor’ Bailey, President of the NOC, said this is the sixth Games to which St.Vincent and the Grenadines will be sending a contingent.

The athletes will be participating in five different sports; namely athletics, table tennis, squash, cycling and netball. This year’s team is expected to be a large one.

In the discipline of athletics there will be six athletes, cycling 2, netball 17, squash and table tennis 2 each.

The games are scheduled to run from March 11-27.Athletics competitions will be held from the 19-25, cycling on the 21, netball 17-26, squash 16-26 and table tennis 16-25.

Wayne Williams raised the concern that at this time several of the associations are still making efforts to raise money to increase the size of their teams.

Samantha Goodluck, Manager of the team, has sent out a challenge especially to the netball team to deliver their best in Australia though they are up against strong opponents.

She promised that she would have the team lend support to all the disciplines when a match is on.

Travel and Tours brought some good news to the NOC when the organisation donated a ticket to the NOC to give to a member of one of the teams.

“I’ll like to wish all the athletes all the best and I hope they make St.Vincent proud,” said Brent Ford, Travel and Tours’ representative.