January 27, 2006


Pamenos Ballantyne is once again in the fray for the annual National Sports Awards.

The ace distance runner has been nominated by Team Athletics SVG in the Senior Sportsman of the Year category.{{more}}

Ballantyne was sidelined for the past three years after differences between him and the local athletics body, and was not afforded nomination.

He was again placed in contention for the award of Senior Male Athlete of the Year when the TASVG held its own ceremony last December.

Ballantyne is the holder of three National Sports Personality of the Year awards, having won the national accolade in 1999, 2000, and 2001.

He was adjudged the 2004 OECS Sports Personality, although overlooked by the local body.

The outspoken Ballantyne had a moderate 2005 on the regional road running circuit. He lost a few titles that he had had exclusive grasp on over the years.

Ballantyne’s hat-trick followed cricketer Alston Bobb’s triumph in 1998. Another cricketer, Olanzo Jackson secured the 2002 title, basketballer Adonal Foyle copped the 2003 award and sprint athlete, US -based Natasha Mayers collected the 2004 glory. Mayers cannot retain the top award as she is currently serving a two-year ban from the IAAF after testing positive for a performance enhancing substance.

The exploits of basketballer Sophia Young on the US Collegiate circuit puts her in a favourable position to take the top award. Young, along with WNBA 2005 rookie Sancho Lyttle, made the greatest impact on this country’s sporting agenda over the last year.

TASVG is one of twelve associations that have forwarded submissions for the February 18 gala event to be held at the Methodist Church Hall.

Apart from the athletics body, the SVG Cricket Association, the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Tennis Association, the SVG Table Tennis Association, the SVG Squash Association, the SVG Netball Association, SVG Basketball Association, SVG Football Association, the Rugby Association, SVG Automobile Association, SVG Women’s Cricket Association and the SVG Cycling Union have submited nominations.

However, the organisers, the National Sports Council had to extend the deadline on two occasions, as several associations failed to meet the December 29 closing date.

These associations will vie for the title of Association of the Year.

The individual awards include the Coach of the Year, Junior Sportsman of the Year, Junior Sportswoman of the Year, Senior Sportsman of the Year, Senior Sportswoman of the Year and the prestigious Sports Personality of 2005.

Three media awards are also up for the taking. Rewards will be given to the Best Sports Story, the Best Sports Photograph and the Sports Journalist of the Year.