Adonson Shallow furthers training in Cuba
January 27, 2006

Adonson Shallow furthers training in Cuba

Junior Male Sports Personality for 2004-2005 Adonson Shallow will soon be going off to Cuba to further his training in shot put, discus and javlin thanks to the efforts of Team Athletics St.Vincent and the Grenadines.

The 19-year-old said this will prepare him for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and he hopes one day to get the World record in all three sporting categories. {{more}}He thanked the association for their assistance which will cover over $6000 for his one-month stay in the Spanish speaking country.

President of the association, Keith Joseph, stressed that this sort of assistance for athletes was part of the organisation’s effort to train more talented sports persons.

He emphasised that it coincided with their “Right on Track” programme which began in September and which he described as an effective means of identifying talent across the country.

He however noted that finding a venue to hold their activities for training will become difficult since the main playing fields will no longer be available because of preparations for the World Cup 2007.

Despite this challenge, the organisation will continue to commit itself to higher standards in athletics. He said coaches will also be involved in training programmes from this weekend right up to May 2006 to improve the skills of young athlethes.

The training programme will also include areas such as nutrition, chiropractic among other things.

TASVG also released a colourful 2006 calendar featuring Adonson Shallow and Kenike Alexander on the cover.