Crystals looking for double again
October 7, 2005

Crystals looking for double again

Crystals, a netball team from the Kingstown Hill area, has set out to once again do the double in the National Lotteries Authority Ashburton Sports and Cultural Organisation (ASCO) competition.

Last year, Crystals One and Two won both the League and Knock Out titles in Division A and B respectively. {{more}}

The defending Division B champion, renamed Julian Francis Crystals Two sent an early warning to their opponents, crushing Gomea Future Stars 29-9 in the opening match last Sunday afternoon at the Gomea Methodist School Hard court.

This match followed the opening ceremony and the traditional march past of the teams.

The ceremony saw Crystals 3 taking the best banner award, with Nice Radio Pine Hill Clinchers One, the best dressed prize.

This year’s competition shows sixteen teams registered, the fewest since 1998.

Long-standing President of ASCO, Dennisford Foster in lamenting on the significant fall off, pointed to the lack of continued leadership among some netball units.

His observation was strengthened by the call by President of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Netball Association, Doris Mc Intosh who once again requested teams to form themselves into full- fledged clubs.

Eveready Future Stars, Bop Clinchers, Eagles, Frenz Netball Club, M’PESCO, NLA Plattinum Shottaz, Nice Radio Pine Hill Clinchers 2, RSVG Police, Supersonics, Shoot to Kill, RHYSCO and Ultratek are the other teams seeking to end the fourteenth edition of the competition with the top accolades in their grasp.

Netball gets another spark this Sunday with the opening of the C & R Enterprises Sion Hill tournament at the Sion Hill Hard Court.

These two village competitions run concurrently with the first-ever constituency tournament which got off to a quiet start three weekends ago.