September 9, 2005

Physical Education gets a boost

The thrust towards placing physical education as a part of the national development has been given another boost with the establishment of the first ever physical education and sports website for St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Physical Education lecturer at the St. Vincent Community College Roxell John spearheaded the initiative.{{more}}

The site designed by Plesk Company with support from Vincom seeks to provide students and teachers of Physical Education with resource material and other information pertaining to their course.

Found on the website, ‘’ are information on examination materials, diagrams, projects, and bulletins, syllabuses, updated international sports stories and links to Spanish speaking institutions.

John believes that the website will be a welcomed tool for the twenty- eight persons who on October 27, will sit the University of Cambridge Advanced Physical Education Examinations.

The 20 students from the St. Vincent Community College and eight private candidates – will be the first from the state to sit the exam.

John disclosed that this exam is the highest level of education before university.

He said that the successful candidates would be qualified to teach physical education at the elementary level with basic knowledge in all areas.

Another first in the field of physical education was attained recently, when Otis Charles, a former student of the Bethel High School, wrote the subject at the CSEC level.

Charles, the lone candidate from St. Vincent and the Grenadines attained a grade one pass.