Williams providing break for ballers
April 15, 2005
Williams providing break for ballers

He is acting president of the Vincentian Basketball Association, a post he was forced into following Atiba Williams’ hasty departure.

Basketball, and any aspect of the sport are right up Wayne Williams’ street. He breathes eats and sleeps basketball.{{more}}

He is manager of the Xpert Computer Centre, his creation, and the Music Centre owned by his family has provided bases for his operation.

A quiet, modest, unassuming chap, Williams has been spearheading a link up with US coaches which has seen a number of Vincentians securing basketball scholarships.

Williams intends to continue his assistance, and he is hoping that other athletes join Vincentian basketballers in the US.

Perhaps the most celebrated of Williams’ inductions has been Sophia Christopher Young. She hit the international spotlight last week Tuesday when her team Baylor University Lady Bears beat Michigan State University 84: 62 to secure the NCAA championship.

For Williams, Young’s accomplishment is a fulfillment of one of his visions for basketball.

. The graduate in Economics and Management having undergone studies at both the United States and Japan persists with efforts to improve the sport here. And there is no question about his dedication to basketball. Many of his endeavours are done at his expense.

For Williams, getting persons to play Basketball in the US was a way of raising the level here.

“It was a short cut to help build a national team and for them to impart their knowledge to uplift the programme here,” he outlined.

Sophia Young is one of 15 ladies on basketball scholarships in the US. A number of males are also benefiting most notably Adonal Foyle.

Wendy Young, Narwan Saxon, Shedrock Roome, and Abraham Saxon, are among those making a name on the American Basketball circuit. And they owe their introduction to Williams.

He established a network with American Basketball coaches and scouts while he studied in the US. He has a knack for spotting talent and inevitably, his choices add to his credibility.

Oral Roberts, was one of the first to enhance Williams’ prestige. Randolph ‘Sticky’ Williams, another basketballer has used Williams’ recommendation.

“I believe it was easier for me, because the coaches knew me – they trusted my judgement,” Williams pointed out.

He revived Women’s Basketball here, while as a Fellow for Partners of the Americas.

That he did with US$1,500 provided by Kellogg’s Foundation.

While Williams has established an international network, he has not overlooked the local front.

“Basketball has more to offer than most other sports,” Williams said.

He is confident that talent is here.

Williams is happy that his connections underwrite some costs.

He is optimistic that especially with Sophia Young’s outbreak, more attention will be paid to Basketball here.

He would also like to see more referees capable of performing at consistently high standards.

He is not happy that the Arnos Vale Sports Complex where Sophia Young and Sancho Lyttle had their first exposure to basketball has been out of action as far as basketball is concerned. Williams was coach, which guided this country to the Windward Islands Basketball title at the Arnos Vale Sports Complex in 1999. Since, there has been no tournament.

Williams is coach, of the Xpert Computer Bustas, and whatever team he puts on the court is almost guaranteed success. Xpert Computer Bustas has been winning the Women’s championship since its revival. But Williams is still an object of disrespect.

He persists, gaining satisfaction from what possibilities exists. He believes that improvements to the sport can benefit the economy. He is convinced that the authorities have not grasped the potential of Basketball and slow in connecting to the sport.

“What I want to see is timely flow of resources so you could put everything in place early.” Williams disclosed.

His projection is that “we have to put a good developmental programme in place.”