April 1, 2005
SVG to kick-start plan for coaches

St. Vincent and the Grenadines football will be among the first to kick-start the development of a Coaches’ curriculum programme under the auspices of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU).

This is among the major additions to the organisational framework of the regional body. The decisions were arrived at its last Congress. Development of its own accreditation for coaches, as well as the creation of the post of Director of Presidential Programme were hallmarks of the new trend. {{more}}

CONCACAF’s Technical Director, Keith Lookloy is expected here later this month to hold discussions with the local coaches and administrators relevant to this latest development.

It is proposed that the Courses will accredit these coaches with the A, B and C licences, with a distinct Caribbean bias en sync with the region’s style of play.

For the past two decades, most Caribbean football nations have relied on coaches from Europe and South America to head their football set up, which in some instances cramped the natural explosive and intuitive flair, which Caribbean players possess.

The Director of Presidential Programme, has become necessary because of the heavy workload of CFU boss, Austin “Jack” Warner.

In addition to this post, Warner holds a number of other offices.

The man tipped to hold this new post is former President of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) Tony James.

The appointee will oversee the accountability of FIFA Football Assistance Programme (FAP) funds; ensure the judicious use of these funds and raise more money.

The FAP funds have been the umbilical chord of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation over the past six years, leaving successive executives in a constant state of dependency.

This recent development when realised will put the creative capacity of the current executive to test, as they will have to come up with fund-raising ventures.

The use of these funds has been a thorny issue since 1998 when FIFA started dishing out its US$250000, each year to members.

This country has not been spared from being maligned for alleged misuse of funds.

The present executive had some of its yearly allocations stalled owing to unaccountability by a previous executive.

Reports are that many of the Federation’s plans are awaiting the arrival of the 2005 draw down.