Fly yo’ Kite
March 24, 2005
Fly yo’ Kite

The Karib Cable Kite Flying competition provided a marvellous opportunity for good old time family picnics at Argyle last Sunday. Many fathers, mothers and children turned up at the coastal pastureland to show off with kites of varied colours, designs and sizes to compete or just to have fun.{{more}}

The smell of barbeque and popcorn competed with the fresh scent of the surf from the ever beating waves as children ran about while their dads struggled to get their kites hoisted.

The judging panel must have had a difficult time and had to beckon some competitors to retrieve their craft from the distant heights so they could be properly judged. Then there were a few which looked really good on the ground but seemed destined to stay just there; refusing to go airborne for long.

It was a successful fun day that had Karib Cable’s Jankie Glass very pleased with the turnout.

Easter traditions never really die, do they?