Daniel aiming to outwalk record
March 11, 2005
Daniel aiming to outwalk record

Dr. Chester Toney, personal physician of long distance walker, Earl “Ole George” Daniel, believes that Daniel is physically prepared to complete his feat of walking more than six days.

Daniel was given a clean bill of health by Toney, last Tuesday, five hours before he began his attempt to walk on 400 miles with out sleep.{{more}}

“He has perfect blood pressure, pulse and other physical vital signs, that of a fit athlete,” Toney declared, minutes after examining Daniel.

Aiming to enter the Guinness World Book of Records, Daniel began his historic walk last Tuesday afternoon, at Richmond on the Leeward side.

Intent on traversing, everywhere there is road, Daniel’s walk is set to end on National Heroes Day, Monday March 14.

Toney stated that medical science has put 10 days as the maximum time for a person to walk without any sleep.

Although Daniel’s efforts may not defy science, if accomplished, he will surpass the current record of 5 days 11 hours.

Daniel 41, known for his stand up comedy, quipped that his walk is “serious business”, as he always want to do creative things, rather than be a copycat.

During his walk, Daniel will be permitted to have bathroom stops at the various Police Stations.

Attracting international attention from the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Daniel will also be monitored periodically by Toney.

An optimistic Daniel stated that once he reaches the six days, he might still raise the bar and add another day.

Toney is hoping that Daniel’s diet of light sandwiches, cheese, unsulphurated molasses water and his mental endurance can see him etching his name in pages of world history.

Last year, George walked for three and a half days, covering 125 miles, in 85 hours.

Several local corporate entities have come on board in assisting Daniel to venture on his record- breaking walk