February 25, 2005
SVGFF still bidding for $1.3 Million

The St.Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) has reverted to finding “a home for football’’, as its Goal Project.

The federation last May, had announced its preference for an administrative complex, as its major thrust in utilising the E.C $1.3 Million, offered by FIFA for such a task. {{more}}

President of the Federation, St. Clair Leacok, speaking then, cited, that unavailability of suitable land area, and the beaureaucratic grid -lock faced, in acquiring the Campden Park Playing Field, as the reasons for the shelving of their original plans.

Leacock also pointed out then, that Director of FIFA Projects, Urs Zenetti, who was here last year, had given his federation the green light, in going for an administrative complex.

Leacock also promised that the submission of the project would have been completed by the end of last year.

Leacock acknowledged this country’s non-submission and said it was based on the federation’s deviating plans.

He disclosed that this non-submission would not have any ramifications on the future standing with FIFA.

His comments came in wake of reports that Jamaica stood to lose its second project to another country, because it has not started within the time stipulated by FIFA.

Jamaica in 2003,turned the sod for their project, but construction is yet to start.

This country’s local football boss who has assumed the role of “chief cook and bottle washer”, said that whilst his organisation may have been tardy, there was a need to be an “objective” approach to the issue.

He said this latest change of heart by the federation has become necessary ,in light of what transpired during the recent Digicel Cup,when the availabilty of a venue for the national team matches versus Grenada and Trinidad and Tobago ,became a sporting-political hot potato.

The current National Football League, is being played at the lone available venue, the Campden Park Playing Field.

Leacock is calling for reinforced support for the project, as the FIFA grant will be insufficient to purchase the land in the first instant, then advancing with the project.

But Leacock may have to go it alone,with little help from other members of his executive.

Within recent times ,apart from Acting General Secretary,Earl “Caba” Bennett,and Leacock,the other members of the executive seem anonymous since the euphoria of the World Cup campaign.

The current executive has conformed with the norm of disinterest that has followed each international sojourn,as evident in 1992,1996,and 2000.