February 25, 2005
New team to manage tennis

At the Annual General Meeting of the National Lawn Tennis Association held on, February 16, the entire executive of that association save and except for the Vice President Richard McLeish was resoundingly voted out of office. {{more}} Citing deep dissatisfaction with the management of the facility, the question of lack of development of the game in the rural areas and a number of other concerns, members turned out in their numbers to remove from office the President Orville Haslam, Secretary Sonny Williams, Tyrone Jack the Assistant Secretary, Treasurer Deborah Huggins, PRO Samantha Goodluck and Committee Members Art Huggins, Fitzgerald Huggins, Alford Lynch and Anthony McKenzie.

The lone returning member Richard Mac Leish did not return unscathed as parents bemoaned what can only be described as lethargy within the association. Ironically, the Association was awarded Association of the Year at the recently concluded National Sports Council Awards Ceremony.

The incoming executive brings to the table a mixture of youth and experience, parental representation, a record of involvement in tennis and an understanding of the history of the development of the game in St. Vincent.

The New Excutive reads:

Grant Connell as president, Richard Macleish vice president, Euchrista Bruce-Lyle as secretary, assistant secretary Derron Grant, treasurer Sylvia Roberts, Vynnette Frederick serves as public relations officer and committee members Onike Spann, Angela Taylor, Anton Jardine and Veronica Charles.