Petit Bordel gets a face lift
February 18, 2005
Petit Bordel gets a face lift

North Leeward, known for its propensity for sporting potential, is on its way to further development now that the refurbished Petit Bordel Playing Field has been returned to the community.

Area representative Dr. Jerrol Thompson, Minister of Telecommunications, Science, Technology and Industry expressed satisfaction with the upgrading when he addressed the opening last Sunday. {{more}}

But the playing field and provision of amenities was not the only matter of concern to Dr. Thompson. He also took issue with the condition of the Community Centre, on the northwestern end of the playing field.

Referring to the nearby Community Center, Dr. Thompson said that is he were the public health officer he “would close it down.”

Dr. Thompson announced plans for a consultation in order to refurbish the Community Centre.

He envisages that the first floor will house a Day Care Centre, and that the designs will facilitate further bleachers for the Playing Field.

Dr. Thompson is hoping that the National Sports Council supports the idea. The North Leeward village, about 23 miles north east of Capital City Kingstown has been the hub of sporting activities in the constituency over the past 15 years.

The ground adjoins the Petit Bordel Secondary School and the Petit Bordel Multi-Purpose Centre.

Plans are afoot to continue the enhancement drive with the construction of bleachers, wash rooms and a change room on the area overlooking the field.

The recommissioned Petit Bordel Playing Field which cost $125,000, falls into line with the area representative’s overall thrust in sporting development in North Leeward. He spoke of plans for a Playing field for Troumaca, and Hard Courts for the villages of Rose Bank and Rose Hall. The one at Rose Hall will complement expansion of the Playing Field in that interior hamlet.

Dr. Thompson apologised for the progress of work on the Cumberland Playing Field. His delivery came amidst competition from the sound of music, which echoed from a shop around the area.

Irvine Robertson, the man in charge of the restoration, expressed happiness with the completion of that phase of the project.

Robertson traced the history of the ground and praised some persons for their contribution to the establishment of the facility. Among those he paid tribute to were Cal Lewis, Carlton Lewis, Calvin Lewis, Ivor Laborde, Matthias “Officer” Nanton, Hamlett Mathews, Jeffrey White and Patel Matthews.

He urged the community to take care of the field as if it were their own.

The speeches came between two aspects of sporting activity.

Thompson’s cabinet colleague, the junior Education, Youth and Sport Minister Clayton Burgin supported him.

Teacher Orlando Charles also spoke on behalf of the committee.

A softball cricket match saw a North Leeward team taking on a National Sports Council team including manager Osborne Browne and chairman Lance John.

A Petit Bordel squad beat a North Leeward team 3:2 in the football match, which also formed part of that reopening.

The works cost $125,000. Cuthbert James heads a management committee, which will be responsible for upgrading of the field, supervision, and maintenance.

Persons wishing to use the field will have to apply through that Committee.