December 3, 2004
Four vincies called up for Windies rugby trials

Four Vincentians – Hollis Green, Anthony Joseph, Aniso Lewis and Recardo Dallawa – are among players called up for trials for the West Indies rugby team.{{more}}

The West Indies rugby team has been invited to participate in the North and South American and West Indies Round of the prestigious International Rugby Board World Seven Series in Los Angeles, USA, on February 12 &13th next year.

It will be the first occasion that a combined West Indies team, representing the nine national West Indies Unions, will play in the Los Angeles tournament.

The two-day tournament features 16 of the world’s top national rugby teams, including seven world champions – New Zealand, World Cup champions, England, Australia, South Africa, Fiji, Scotland and France. Teams from the Americas include, Argentina, last year’s winner of the Los Angeles Round, Mexico, Canada, Uruguay and host USA. Pacific teams will include Samoa and Tonga, and Africa will be represented by its champion team Kenya.

The team will be selected from the following players who have been nominated by their respective Unions for consideration to be selected to the 12-man West Indies team.

The players are: Aaron Turnquist, Antonio Gibbons, Kurt Johnson, Stephen Millar, Jonathan Cassidy, Simon Green, Troy Arjoon, Claudius Butts, Bobby Hurdle,Theodore Henry, Chris Naylor, Kevin Mc Kenzie, Stewart Thomson, Elroy Graham, Odell Hyman, Uriah Martin, Nicholas Pusey, Adam Fredricks, Mark Hamilton, Brendan O’Farrell, David Straker and Jerry Charles.