Browne-John  praise unification
November 26, 2004
Browne-John praise unification

“There is strength in numbers.” “Unity is strength.” “Together we aspire together we achieve.”

These are sayings that highlight benefits of working together. The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Cricket Association, and SVG Women’s Cricket Association are deepening efforts to ensure this collaboration. {{more}}

Evidence of this came at a presentation awards ceremony held at the Kingstown Methodist Church Hall last Friday.

The feature address came from Ann Browne-John, Trinidadian born. She continues her contribution to Caribbean cricket and has ensured that the input is not confined to Women’s cricket.

She has distinguished herself on the field in hockey and cricket for her nation. But her dedication to cricket has extended beyond her country’s borders.

She is an administrator in her native land, and is the first woman to obtain a Level One coaching certificate.

Browne-John is on her local executive, and serves as coach of the West Indies Women’s Team. She praised the Vincentian associations for their endeavour. She noted that plans for the merger of International Cricket Council and the International Women’s Cricket Council were earmarked for fruition by March 2005. In that regard, she complimented the Vincentian associations for setting the trend in the collaborative thrust.

A former West Indies Women’s Cricket captain, she encouraged women to increase their involvement in the improvement of the sport. With the February 2005 Women’s World Cup looming in South Africa, Browne-John drove home the urgency of West Indies’ attendance, which has experienced setbacks owing to lack of sponsorship.

Browne-John stressed the importance of waging the campaign for women’s involvement in all aspects of the sport, and the values of the unification process.