November 19, 2004
Vinlec Basketball heads for final round

Who will be the 2004 Vinlec Basketball champion? By Sunday, November 21, that question will be answered.

The action unfolds at the Montrose Hard Court starting today, November 19. {{more}}

There are four contenders, winners of the different zones.

Terrance McBarnett Ball Dawgs, with national stalwarts Oral Roberts and Bradford “Sick” Duncan, took Zone One, and they play Southern Grenadines’ champion Valley Nets from 6 p.m.

Valley Nets is the squad that discovered National Basketball Association player, Canouan-born Adonal Foyle.

Valley Nets represented the nation at a Regional Club Championship in Dominica when an American couple spotted Foyle’s potential. The present crop of Valley Net players hope that scouts will search for similar talent during this championship.

Square Deal Shippers Calliaqua United, Zone One winner, plays Mustique Icons who clipped all wings in the Northern Grenadines.

The following day, SDS Calliaqua United with national players Randolph “Sticky” Williams, Isharma McKree, Lezlo McKenzie, Bufford Thomas and Len Smith, and their Southern Grenadines counterparts kick off the countdown at 6 p.m. Mustique Icons stormed to the championship in their first outing at the competitive level and TMB Ball Dawgs clash at 8 p.m.

Sunday’s fixture sees the Grenadines’ showdown between Valley Nets and Mustique Icons, followed by the mainland battle featuring SDS Calliaqua United and TMB Ball Dawgs.

The tournament has been organised by the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Basketball Federation.

A prizegiving ceremony is slated to bring the curtains down on this year’s championship.