T&T footballers visit SVG
November 19, 2004
T&T footballers visit SVG

Regional unity, a dream of long standing, went a step further with a weekend visit by a Trinidad and Tobago squad. That party was NP Footballers, a contingent of 24 who arrived here last Friday and played two football matches.

They beat African Tref 3:2 on Saturday at the Arnos Vale Two Playing Field, and repeated the triumph with a 3:1 win over Over 35 on Sunday. {{more}}

The visitors were hosted by their Vincentian counterparts, BMC, agents for NP Products here. Businessman Keith Boyea is NP’s local representative.

The visitors thoroughly enjoyed their outing. In addition to their success on the field, the party used the occasion to broaden their appreciation of the Vincentian way of life and culture, and also relished the scenery and beauty of the state.