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McIntosh: think positive

McIntosh: think positive

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Netballers participating in the 2004 Pepsi Industrial Tournament have been urged to use the sport as a tool for positive development.

This challenge came from President of the Netball Association Doris McIntosh. She was speaking last Sunday at the tournament’s opening ceremony. {{more}}

“There are lots of positive things that young people can look forward to. It is necessary that you channel your energies in the right direction and netball provides an excellent avenue for this type of development,” McIntosh opined.

McIntosh called on netballers to use the tournament to improve their skills, and play seriously but within the ambits of the rules of the sport.

Her comments were directed at the ten participating teams in this year’s tournament.

Trying to topple defending champions St. Vincent Marketing Corporation will be Agrilin, Combined Banks, Customs Sports Club, Central Water and Sewerage Authority Sports Club, Net Attackers Combined, RSVG Police, self-employed vendors and C.W. Prescod Primary School teachers.

But it was RSVG Police that left the Kingstown Netball Center on Sunday, with two accolades.

The law officers marched off with the Best Banner Award and ended in the top position in the Net-O-Rama.

Central Water and Sewerage Authority Sports Club was adjudged the Best Dressed Team on parade.

The Kingstown Netball Centre at New Montrose will be the venue for the tournament.