October 1, 2004
Tennis coaches move up to a new level

A number of Vincentians are on course to greater recognition as tennis coaches. An International Tennis Federation Level Two Coaches Workshop winds up October 15, after two weeks of intensive instruction. {{more}}The session, held by the National Olympic Committee along with the International Tennis Federation, is scheduled for the National Tennis Centre at Villa. National coaches to benefit from the exercise are Nigel Liverpool, Tyrone Jack, Samantha Goodluck, Kebajah King, Atiba Williams, Onike Spann, Trevor Sam, Duane Bailey, Deron Grant, and Tony Boyea.

Focus will be on instructions for players at the intermediate and advance level. Individual lesson coaching, tennis ability/demonstration, and written tests will form part of the assessment.

Participants will know of their success from the president after the ITF issues the results.