Dots tennis school opens
September 10, 2004
Dots tennis school opens

Two tennis stalwarts are ensuring that the sport continues to thrive here.
And through their initiative the DOTS Tennis School, the brainchild of Deron Grant and Onike Spann, has been launched. {{more}}
During the official opening, last Saturday at New Montrose Grant explained that DOTS is Spann’s and his way of giving back to the community. Both share 36 years tennis experience between them and Grant, at age 21, is one of the youngest International Tennis Federation Level One Certified coaches.
Spann said that they are putting back some productivity into the New Montrose Tennis Facility, an area that has produced St. Vincent’s top 10 tennis players in the past. The facility is however, still not up to scratch though one of the two courts is ready for use. Grass and weeds still overrun the other.
Representing the National Sports Council at the opening was Lynette Glasgow who commended the duo on their effort and hinted that plans are on the cards to get the courts up to the highest level possible.
Tennis coaches Tony Boyea and Peter Nanton of BONAN Tennis School were also at the opening. Boyea said that BONAN would be working hand in hand with DOTS.
Most of DOTS’ training will be on Saturdays. Spann and Grant said that in an attempt to help with the building of tennis in St. Vincent, persons whom they see as having natural talent would be trained free of cost. Grant is currently training two students from his Alma Mater the Emmanuel High School Kingstown to take part in the national tennis championships.