Tennis on the Dots with duo
August 27, 2004

Tennis on the Dots with duo

Come September 4, tennis enthusiasts here will have another outlet through which they can enhance their tennis skills, with the opening of DOTS, the acronym for Deron and Onike’s Tennis School.
And one doesn’t have to be an aspiring tennis star to register. {{more}}
Once you have been around the tennis circles you would have been familiar with Deron Grant and Onike Spann, graduates of the New Montrose Tennis Club.
The two tennis stalwarts are hoping to conduct their training sessions at the New Montrose facility.
The tennis court has deteriorated, and Spann and Grant are keen on returning the area to some level of productivity.
Grant, at age 21, is one of the youngest International Tennis Federation Level One Certified coaches.
He outlined to Searchlight that one of DOTS’ reasons for conducting the training is to “demonstrate to the authorities that tennis is still on a high at the New Montrose Tennis Centre.”
Grant has been one of the shining lights in the tennis arena. He and Spann are the defending doubles champions, and their fraternity has deepened into this training academy.
Grant played at the Davis Cup level, and was the national junior champion for four years. He also took the senior championship in 2002 and 2003.
The programme will peak on Saturdays, but the tennis duo is working up a training schedule, which will cater for the entire community.
Grant is optimistic that this training facility will have an impact, much in the way that Roxanne Russell, one of Grant’s junior trainees, is in the Junior World Under -14 rank.
Grant is hoping that with tournaments slated for the rest of the year, players will get enough preparation for those events.
There are also Junior International Tournaments scheduled, and according to Grant: “We are trying to get them ready.”
The New Montrose Tennis Club has produced stalwarts like Alford Lynch, Onike Spann, Deron Grant, Gerald Gellizeau, Stanley Sam, and Nigel Liverpool.