Determination driving Howie
June 11, 2004
Determination driving Howie

Howie Williams is determined to make the best use of his first stint as a member of the National Senior football team.
The 22-year-old Williams first tasted national representation touring with the Under-20 team to Suriname in 2000, but it took another three years before his name was mentioned at the highest level in football here.{{more}}
Re-focussed and “settled”, Williams is not ruling out a future career in the sport. He is among the players who travelled earlier this week to Nicaragua to engage that country in the 2006 World Cup qualifiers.
Hailing from Brighton in the southeast of the island, Williams is quietly optimistic of the team’s chances this Sunday.
“Once we play as a team, we can do it,” he projected.
With five caps to his credit, Williams is hopeful that he can make his sixth on Sunday and play a pivotal role in achieving this country’s first win against a central American country.
A member of the St. Vincent Motors System 3 Club, he has Frank Lampard of English Premier Division Club Chelsea and National teammate Wesley John as mentors.
The successes of his present club have shot him into the spotlight, but he admits his early teen years with Brighton All Stars have contributed immensely to his current status as a National footballer.
Williams, a former student of the Brighton Primary School, is high in praise of Brenda Sandy, manager of the Brighton All Stars.
Brawny in stature, Williams stands just over five feet, but his deceptive pace and dribbling skills as a midfielder have earned him a lot of respect from local players and fans.