May 28, 2004

National Players looking for sponsorship

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Football Federation (SVGFF) is currently looking to the public and private sectors for sponsorship of local players.
According to Public Relations Officer of the SVGFF Donald Thomas, “We will accept any type of sponsorship that you can give.”{{more}}
The players of the national team and their clubs are: Howie Williams (System 3), Brent Samuel (Nemwil Hope International), Aquasi Audain (Nemwil Hope International), Cornelius Corney Huggins (Besco Pastures), Rodney Francois (Nemwil Hope International), Greg Myers (System 3), Randy Badame Pierre (Nemwil Hope Interna-tional), Lawrance Haggi Franklyn (Prospect United), Darren Francis (Nemwil Hope Inter-national), Matthew Forde (High Times), Danroy Barker (Nemwil Hope International), Melvin Chin Chi Andrews (Nemwil Hope Inter-national), Alwyn Parpy Guy, Shandell Samuel (System 3), Marlon Thirsty James (Nemwil Hope International), Vincent John (Nemwil Hope International), Kenyln Gonsalves (Besco Pastures), Marrian Grant (System 3), Tyrone Tiba Prince (System 3), Benford Rudy Joseph (Avenues), Jamal Ballantyne, Marcus Markie Williams (System 3), Wesley John (Lixa in Portugal), Rodney Chang Jack (Rushden & Diamonds in England), Wesley Butu Charles (Bray Wanderers Ireland), Kendol Ken-I Velox (North East Stars in Trinidad), Caswain Mason (Metro Lions in Canada), Ezra Hendrickson (Dallas Burn in the US) and Renson Haynes (college in the US).