Footballers today lack skills
Sports Magazine
November 3, 2006

Footballers today lack skills

by Patmos Richards

T here is still conflicting views as to whether our footballers of yesteryear demonstrated more skill, talent and thinking ability than their contemporaries. To me, the brand of football played by our football legends of yesteryear, was characterized by neat teamwork, brilliant passing of the ball and marking their opponent in time.

Style, more than alertness, is more fashionable in today’s world of local football than it was in the days of yore. Although modern facilities afford them to excel, our current crop of footballers still need to hone their skills. There are times when they could become too complacent, especially when they are in the drivers seat. {{more}}

The footballers of the 60’s and 70s did not have the facilities as our footballers today have, to enhance the quality of their football skills. However, a combination of factors would have been responsible for their immense success at the club and national levels.

Physical fitness would have been a significant factor that contributed to their success. Discipline, by which is meant, regarding football as an integral part of human development, and any life style disorder that ran counter to it would spell doom to a football outfit.

Another equally important factor would also have been regular practice. In this way, players would get to know each others weaknesses and strengths, and these could be easily worked on.

The Notre Dame Football team captioned above exemplified all the qualities that went with success. Today the name Notre Dame is still a household name in the game of football and the legends seen here are enshrined by football enthusiasts. Some of the names that hold the spotlight in the 60’s and 70’s were the super skillful Rudy Boucher and Jeff Bailey. Tyrone Sam and Fred Trimmingham are still highly talked of as very good backers on the field. Douglas Cambridge (deceased) was a versatile player like all his other teammates.

Some of these football legends are still active in their respective communities, either coaching or providing tips on the game to the younger generation.