Special Features
June 3, 2022
ReMLit funded National Level Projects

Antigua & Barbuda: The National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) is implementing the Project Sound Land Based Waste Management Technologies leading towards a Pollution Free Marine Environment project in Antigua and Barbuda, which seeks to reduce marine pollution through the implementation of a Community Based Waste Management System at Fitches Creek and the adoption of sound land based solid waste management best practices by the community. A second major output will be the design, construction and operation of a pilot biogas plant at the Cooks Disposal Site resulting in reduced leachate generation at that landfill.

Commonwealth of Dominica: The Dominica Solid Waste Management Corporation (DSWMC) is implementing the project: Litter Reduction in the Commonwealth of Dominica (City Centre & Major Public Places) and the Kalinago Territory Zero Waste Community Project, which will create mechanisms for litter reduction and the conversion of green waste into a useful product in the capital of Roseau and pilot a Zero Waste Community model within the Kalinago Territory.
Grenada: The Grenada Solid Waste Management Authority is implementing the Managing Solid Waste to prevent pollution and enhance climate resilience of marine and coastal ecological systems. The project seeks to pilot the upcycling of waste to be used in the production of Eco- Blocks, and promote waste separation through public sensitization

Montserrat: The Environmental Health Department in collaboration with the Department of Environment are implementing the project. Curbing the source of Marine Litter in Montserrat. It seeks to promote healthy ecosystems for shorebirds and other aquatic life and human health, establish a mechanism for effective waste management at the community level and divert litter from the marine Carr’s Bay Marine environment and residential areas surrounding the four ghauts which currently drain from the Collin’s River into the Carr’s Bay ecosystem.

Saint Lucia: The Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority’s project Establish Micro Haulers Solid Waste Collection Programme (to service unplanned developments) within the Castries Basin, addresses the problem of inaccessibility of waste for collection by waste collection trucks, through the implementation of Micro Haulers Solid Waste Collection Programme.

St. Vincent & The Grenadines: The Solid Waste Management Unit/ Central Water & Sewerage Management Agency are the implementation partners for the projects: (1) Combat Land-Based Sources of Pollution and (2) Improve Ocean Ecosystem Health in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The project seeks to (1) increase awareness of land-based sources of marine pollution at the community level through River Clean-ups and Restoration Activities in partnership with schools and Civil Society entities; (2) Establish a sustainable plastic waste recycling programme through the establishment of an effective PPP resulting in an increase in local recycling activities; and (3) Reduction of land-based sources of pollution and improved coastal water quality in three priority areas.