Quotations from Moulton Mayers MBE
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March 18, 2022
Quotations from Moulton Mayers MBE
  •  “The Architecture profession is a very noble profession, I enjoy every ounce of it. If I had to do it over, I would do the same thing. I get a very strong sense of satisfaction from undertaking my profession.”
  •  “My old man really supported me financially and otherwise. I have to give him credit for my academic success. He was the one who really allowed me to get to that level. I could not have done it alone. I did not have that type of go-getter instinct.”
  •  “What I have found is by traveling my eyes soak up a lot of architectural details. It is suppressed in my subconscious mind, so when I have the opportunity to design, it surfaces. If I don’t travel, I get stale.”
  •  “My inspiration came from my father, I think he had a gift from God. But besides him, in the field of architecture, my inspiration came from a number of great architects, particularly Alvar Alto from Finland. If you look at his architecture, it is sensuous. People come to me and say I know when you design a building. You like a lot of curves and glass blocks.You bring the project alive by its sensuous nature. Alvar Alto was noted for that, everything is in motion simultaneously. A good example of that type of that architecture will be the NIS building.”
  •  “There is something instinctive in me where I gravitate towards older people. Maybe it’s their wisdom. Since I was a lad, I like to keep older people company. On the weekend, I mix with the type of people who shape events in the country. Your ear is to the ground and you know what is happening.You get first hand information as to what is happening in the country.”
  •  “I am appealing to our legislators to legislate that all proposed commercial and institutional building in Kingstown shall incorporate underground parking. This would certainly help to alleviate the existing parking problem in Kingstown.”
  •  “I am appealing to the powers that be to legislate design guidelines that all commercial and institutional buildings that frame Heritage Square shall be more responsive to Heritage Square in terms of creating public amenities in the form of seating areas, landscaping/greenery and facade enhancements.”
  •  “I must say that this is the most challenging project I have ever designed …. This is the reality amid the labyrinth of challenges – a building that is a jewel in the urban fabric – a building that is an icon – a building that is a beacon in Kingstown.” – in reference to the BOSVG building at the Reigate.
  •  “One of the burning things in the world to me is that with all the technological advancement in medicine, people have to die because they cannot afford surgery or medical attention. I find that is absurd. That is very absurd. People at the United Nations who have the opportunity to sit in those seats of power, these are the issues they should be talking about. We should not allow human beings to die because they cannot afford medical attention.”