Parnel (PR) Campbell
Special Features
May 7, 2021
Senior was kind, patient and a cherished colleague

“Senior” or “QC” is how I referred to PR Campbell QC. His words at my call to the Bar in 1996 that “there is always room at the top” have stayed with me throughout my career and have motivated me to strive for excellence in the profession.

“Senior” was a rare combination of being a consummate professional with immense ability who, at the same time, was open, approachable and willing to share his knowledge. He was also kind and patient. I can recall one occasion when “Senior” and I had arranged to meet at Carapan with our respective clients and an agreed surveyor on a Saturday morning at 8 am.

On the said morning, I had forgotten about the appointment and called “Senior”, embarrassed and apologizing profusely for my lapse. He was at the Carapan location and had been waiting for me for 45 minutes, yet there was no reprimand by him, not even a hint of impatience or annoyance. He simply said, in his inimitable, gentle way, “No harm done. These things happen” and we rescheduled. With “Senior’s” passing, I have lost not only a cherished colleague, upon whom I could rely for sound and patient guidance on diverse points of law, but one with whom I could, and did enjoy, lengthy, thought-provoking and often very humorous conversations. May his soul rest in eternal peace.

Zhinga Horne Edwards