Parnel (PR) Campbell
Special Features
May 7, 2021
Senior always had time for me

Parnel Campbell QC, known to me as Senior, has been my mentor, my Senior Counsel, and my friend. He was someone who I could call anytime day or night, and he was never asleep before midnight, to solicit his advice on any legal matter.

Senior always had time for me, from when I was his pupil to his instructing solicitor. We worked together often and spoke several times a day. Not only would he advise me on the law but on matters pertaining to national development. When we did not have an ongoing matter and a few days would pass and he did not hear me, he would call just to check up on me to see how I was doing. It is so strange not seeing his number appear on my phone for so many days now, and to not hear him say “My sister.”. I am so blessed to have had his support in my development as a professional. I treasure all the wisdom that he has imparted unto me. He is a national treasure, a personal friend, and he will be greatly missed by me.

Louise Mitchell