PR Campbell who sang calypso under the stage name King JaJa, was crowned the UWI Cave Hill calypso king with his songs “Buy Your Own Cigarette” and “Bandit”
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May 7, 2021
QC Campbell was an infinite source of inspiration

Parnel Campbell was a mentor and friend who seemed never to tire from his unwavering encouragement of my academic pursuits from as early as my childhood. He took great delight, which exuded from his entire being, when he learnt that I had chosen law as my career path, and welcomed me to our noble profession. Over the years, QC Campbell was an infinite source of inspiration, knowledge and guidance. Mine has been the privilege to experience the essence of the philosophy behind the term ‘legal fraternity’ as so ably and genuinely demonstrated by Parnel Campbell Q.C. I will forever miss him, but I am grateful for the memories which will most certainly live on.

Rochelle Forde