Parnel Randolph Campbell with his bride Juliette (nee Peters) surrounded by their wedding party at the Kingstown Methodist Church on December 15, 1973.
Special Features
May 7, 2021
PR elevated the socio-cultural and political consciousness of our nation

I am honoured to have been given this opportunity to trace in tribute the formative path which led to my deep respect and appreciation for “PR Campbell”.

My journey began with ‘Buy yo own cigarette’ while he was at Cave Hill; then “the Black Power wedding” to “our Miss Peters” when we were in first form; then the Educational Forum ‘with Mummy’; then “but that’s not PR’s position” during his period as a Minister of government; then rooting for his success with the Constitutional Reform Commission and finally speaking with him because I disagreed with a position he had expressed about the GHS on ‘The Law and You’.

“PR Campbell” gave intellectual discourse in our society a Vincentian imperative. We all experienced his love for country in his diligent quest to inform and elevate the socio-cultural and political consciousness of our nation. He has left the stage just when our fraught, tiny space could benefit from the depth and foresight of his counsel. It is as though a national landmark has been washed away. Our country is richer for his service, but poorer for his passing. Thank you Mr Campbell, I will miss you.

Andrea Bowman