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May 7, 2021
PR desired for ‘The Law and You’ to go on

No decision has yet been made about the future of ‘The Law and You’, a weekly television programme which is broadcast on SVGTV on Monday evenings.

Mandella Peters, attorney

The half-hour programme, which looks at laws in St Vincent and the Grenadines and how they affect our lives, was the brainchild of the late distinguished Queen’s Counsel Parnel R Campbell, who hosted 997 editions of the programme over 24 years, beginning in April 1997.

“I can’t say at this time. I committed myself to doing up to 1000, and then I will see what happens from there,” Campbell’s daughter Mandella Peters told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday when asked about the future of the programme.

Peters, also an attorney, hosted episodes 998 and 999 of the programme on April 26 and May 3 respectively and will also present next week’s programme.

“I will definitely be doing next week’s program me[to take it to 1000], that is a personal goal I had for him; I wanted him to reach that…. I will take some time to settle myself, probably re-air some past episodes until a decision is made.”

Peters, who is Campbell’s fourth daughter and fifth child said she would love his legacy to continue whether she carries on the programme herself or other lawyers come on board.

“Before he passed, he always said he would want it to continue. He never expressed that he wanted me to take on the responsibility; he threw it out and suggested that the Bar Association could come together and the lawyers could roster it and do it together. So it was his heart’s desire for it to continue, but he never put that burden on me and I never committed.

“I did those three episodes because I felt strongly that he was just three episodes away from 1000 and I wanted to take him there before his homegoing service.”

Campbell’s original intention was always to share ‘The Law and You’ with other lawyers, as he stated in the programme’s first episode.

“It was never his intention for this to be a one man show,” Peters said.

“I am hoping that it would continue, whether it is by me, with the Lord giving me the grace to continue, or by me helping to co-ordinate it for other colleagues.

“He mentioned multiple times before he passed that if anything happened to him or when he retired, he would like to see the programme continue and he suggested that the lawyers could come together….”