Parnel (PR) Campbell
Special Features
May 7, 2021
Even as a student PR had a brilliant, analytical mind

“How far that little candle throws his beam!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.” Shakespeare

I have known ‘PR’ for as long as I can remember – we share common cousins. However, my first real impression of him was when I was thrust into teaching a co-ed six form group of students (GHS and BGS) immediately after graduating from university. It was a daunting task! The one student who helped me most was ‘PR’. Even then, he had a brilliant, analytical mind and could be trusted to steer class discussions. He was a great ally in my attempt to teach students barely 5 years my juniors. Through our common love for the Bard, we developed a lifelong bond which sparked into lively discussion whenever we met. He was proud to remind others that I sparked his love for English Literature, and I am equally happy to pay tribute to that “little candle” who threw “his beam” and helped me through my first daunting experience in my teaching career.

Jeannette France