A few remarks about my friend, PR Campbell
PR in university Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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May 7, 2021
A few remarks about my friend, PR Campbell

by Dr Sir Cecil Cyrus

I first met PR as he was affectionately named, while he was studying Law. And, straight away a healthy camaraderie sprang up. We were honoured to be invited to his wedding. We had many a laugh at some occurrences. The most memorable and enjoyable was when his first daughter Arusha, was a patient in our Botanic Hospital. She complained that we took ALL her blood in a little bottle! On another occasion while she was still in our hospital, her Daddy told her that he was taking out her Mummy for dinner. She told her Mummy not to go, Daddy interjected that she was his wife, and Arusha countered that by saying she was her Mother.

Parnel was a member of our squash association and enjoyed the unique honour of never hitting a squash ball. He always helped me by advertising on his programme “The Law and You” my books whenever I wrote them. This programme was an enormous help to many Vincentians and will be missed.

Rest in eternal peace, my dear friend. Sincere condolences to Julie and family.

Doc, as he used to call me.