Special Features
January 29, 2010
‘Hardcore’ DJ Kano takes it Ezee

Rohan Cornwall expects good things for his future with EZee Radio. The Disc jockey, better known as DJ Kano, has been the producer on the Ezee radio since its inception four years ago and has described his working experience as a good one.{{more}}

Kano, who also works on the HITZ FM radio station, another member of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Broadcasting Corporation (SVGBC) family, is responsible for producing advertisements, station IDs and jingles. He also edits music to be played on air.

Although Kano described his music taste as being ‘hardcore’, he enjoys being exposed to the wide variety of music that Ezee Radio offers. “With Ezee you tone it down a little more,” he said.

He hopes to continue successfully with Ezee radio in the future and has hopes of becoming a qualified producer. (OS)