Frankly speaking – Javelle has natural talent of inspiring on the airwaves
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January 29, 2010

Frankly speaking – Javelle has natural talent of inspiring on the airwaves

Javelle Frank has the natural talent of inspiring via the airwaves.

The radio announcer, who hails from Belmont, has been in the broadcasting business for over seven years, with previous experience at the Cross Country Radio and Total FM. She began working at EZee radio in November 2008 and describes her experience as “fantastic yet challenging”.{{more}}

Known on radio as the ‘Sentimental Javelle”, Frank also had a passion to become a nurse, but chose radio instead.

Listeners tune in to the familiar voice from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays in the Sheer Serenity programme, with a Reality Check at 12 noon. She shares hosting duty on Ezee Radio’s Stress Free Saturdays.

Frank disclosed that she is never nervous when she speaks on air, but just lets everything flow naturally. She said that she feels a connection to her listening audience as they offer feedback continuously.

Frank explained that in the Reality Check at 12 she gives a scripture verse and a message to the listening audience. “I try to apply it to things that are happening in everyday life,” she said.

Frank explained that the feedback from the listeners has been great as they are very in tune with the programmes. “If I miss one day, persons will be calling and saying ‘Hey I was looking forward to this segment.’ “

She also related that she uses her personal trials to offer advice to the audience, “because of things I go through time after time it’s easy for me to share that (message), it comes from me personally to the audience.”

Frank enjoys connecting with the audience through music and relies on the power of the lyrics of the songs to inspire her listeners, to see them through whatever difficult phases in their life.

“I try to interact with them through that and give them the opportunity to be uplifted in songs so they can say ‘Hey I’m not supposed to settle for where I am today.’ “

She also shared that she has had a few challenges with the listeners who call in requesting songs which Frank sometimes cannot identify. Strange requests also come from others who have been through troubles and need a special song: “They will tell me what’s going on and I will try my very best.”

The single mother of three related that it feels great to get positive feedback from her listeners who encourage her to “Keep it up”.

“Because of our internal dedication and commitment to our jobs as a radio announcers to these people, it (feedback) tells us that we are doing a good job.” (OS)