Special Features
May 2, 2008
Lorna Small: Aunt, Mother, Friend

by Donna Rose-Williams 02.MAY.08

I can hem a garment so that the threads aren’t visible on the outside. Not a major feat by most standards, but I’m proud of it. Auntie Lorna taught me how. I lived with Auntie Lorna for seven years while attending Girls’ High School and St. Vincent Grammar School. Essentially, she assumed the role of my mother.{{more}} During my first term at GHS, Mrs. DeBique caught me bouncing a ball in the classroom and immediately confiscated the ball. When word of the incident quickly reached Auntie Lorna, I realized that Auntie Lorna was EVERYWHERE and that toeing the line was my best course of action.

I wasn’t exactly thrilled when Auntie Lorna decided I should take typing lessons from Mrs. McKie, but I went anyway….not going wasn’t an option. Well, just try surviving in today’s business world without knowing how to type. It is obvious that Education was a very high priority for Auntie Lorna, but she also realized that there were many lessons to be learned outside the immediate classroom that equipped one for life.

As an adult, I have grown to appreciate the things Auntie Lorna did for me, and continued to do until her death. She exemplified the true Christian life by her selfless giving and dedication to serving others. When Jesus said, Feed the hungry, she took it to heart and did just that, and much more. Her humility and unassuming ways allowed her to interact with people from all walks of life, and her impact was deep and far reaching. Auntie Lorna prayed with me and for me when I faced one of the darkest periods of my life in 2002. I am here today because of prayers lifted up on my behalf from her, my mother, and many others.

Auntie Lorna enjoyed the simple things of life, like spending time with her family, especially her grandchildren. I enjoyed her visits with me in Miami, where one of her favorite pastimes was her shopping expeditions to Ross Department Store. She was thrilled as she sniffed out bargains, always with a long list of recipients with whom she planned to share her bounty.

One of the last gifts I received from Auntie Lorna was on my last trip to St. Vincent in October of last year. She gave me a stained glass display which has on one side a picture of The Last Supper, and on the other side, the words from John 13, verse 35: “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” How fitting that such a gift would come from this great woman who not only talked the talk, but walked the walk.

The loss to our family and the larger world community is immeasurable, but we are grateful for the priceless gifts she left us-faith in God, service to others, and a love that was as deep as her heart was big. Auntie Lorna, I miss you, but you’re safe now in Jesus’ arms where no one can hurt you.