It’s Silver for Modern Place
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May 25, 2007
It’s Silver for Modern Place

“When we had first started I think that we were doing pretty good, but then the competition became so keen and everybody was going into shoes and clothes and I just thought that we should shift.”{{more}}

Managing Director of the Modern Place, Stanley Bailey told SEARCHLIGHT they started their business selling shoes and clothes in a property on the reclamation site that they rented from Pet and Sons.

Stanley Bailey said when they just started, the business only had three employees but they have increased to seven persons. He says his entire family has contributed to making the business get to where it is today. He commended his wife for working tirelessly in laying the foundation on which his children are building today.

After six years on the reclamation site, they moved to a new location in the Blue Caribbean Building and decided to switch from clothes to specialising in hair and beauty products and gift items. Bailey informed Searchlight that the reason for the switch was because of the high competition that they faced from other businesses.

He however stated that despite competition, they strived always to treat their customers right, as they always come first.

“We believe in quality service and setting standards, and we maintain our standards. We try to treat customers right as it is a very competitive market now and if you don’t treat your customers right they are going to stay away from you,” Bailey told SEARCHLIGHT.

Bailey disclosed that the Modern Place supplies most of the stylists here in the country with hair products, and have been representing Soft Sheen Carson, one of the biggest cosmetic companies in the world for the past 17 years.

The company also specialises in gifts for special occasions, which include Mother’s Day, Valentines Day and Christmas.

Despite the day-to-day challenges, Bailey considers every day to be a good day for him. He says he always keeps a positive outlook, as it is an important aspect in running a business.

“Attitude is what makes a difference. If you have the right attitude towards circumstances you could make a difference,” Bailey stated.

He is also encouraging aspiring business persons to strive towards their goals, work hard and to fear God at all times and once this is done all things are possible.

In an effort to celebrate their 25 years of service to the public they will be having a fun walk on Monday, May 28. (SB)