Lady Ballantyne – My priority has always been my children
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May 12, 2006
Lady Ballantyne – My priority has always been my children

She is “Her Excellency Lady Ballantyne,” wife of the Governor General. Lady Ballantyne attends official functions, greets and hosts visiting Heads of State, but on the other hand she is first and foremost Sally Ann Ballantyne, wife of Frederick. And she is most definitely the pizza-baking mother of Adam and Emma and when she sat down with SEARCHLIGHT recently a small burn on her right forehand was certain proof of these baking expeditions.{{more}}

In an exclusive mother’s day interview, Lady Ballantyne stressed how critically she views her role as a mother above all the official responsibilities and trappings that accompany her office. “My priority has always been my children,” she declared, telling us that she even has to back out of attending some functions to spend time with her still young children. “I don’t want to have any regrets when they grow up,” she emphasized.

The attentive mother explained that her devotion to her children was a big part of her family’s decision not to live in the Government House, the official residence of the Governor General, as she sought to keep a measure of normalcy for them. “I didn’t want to uproot them from their home and lives.”

Lady Ballantyne, an avid reader who also enjoys crafting and crossword puzzles, told SEARCHLIGHT that despite the extra privileges that are associated with being the children of the Governor General, both she and her husband have made it a point to teach their children the basic values of respect for all. She is confident that her children will remain well grounded.

Remembering her first pregnancy, the wife of 10 years chuckled as she recalled being convinced that the baby was a girl only to have the ultra-sound burst her bubble when she discovered after seven months that her first born was in fact a boy. The name Adam means “first born”. She remembered never being sick or even scared during this time.

Sharing some of her parental philosophies, our nation’s First Lady stressed the importance of strict upbringing for children. “It is more important to be their parent than their friend,” she emphatically declared.

The Pace University, New York, graduate who came from a family of nine children told SEARCHLIGHT that although she may have the means to get them, she is not a lover of jewelry. “I am not very materialistic.” So apart from the fact that Emma will celebrate her birthday May 15, the day after Mother’s Day, to Lady Ballantyne, it is just another day.

Reflecting on the occasion, she expressed concern about the level of literacy among our nation’s children and the need to instil love into their hearts. Lady Ballantyne is also calling on parents to exercise greater care when children are traveling. “I see incidences where children are not properly secured, standing on car seats and looking out windows; we have to be more careful with them,” she ended.

Although she openly declares her love for children, Lady Ballantyne has ruled out any future additions to her family. So sure was she that she even dared this reporter “You can quote me on that!”