Pastor ‘D’ thankful for chance to serve
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May 5, 2006
Pastor ‘D’ thankful for chance to serve

As he reflects on 36 years of pastoral ministry Rev. Errol “Pastor D” Daniel has come to terms with the fact that he cannot win the support of all his members as he pursues his God-given vision. He is however thankful that “I have had the corporation of most of the members in what I set out to do.” {{more}}

Rev. Daniel and his wife of 36 years, Carmalie sat down with the SEARCHLIGHT to reflect on life in the ministry. On Sunday April 30 the members of the Streams of Power churches hosted a grand surprise celebration service as they honoured the couple, who have led them for the past 31 years. Pastor Daniel had pastored Hill Top Tabernacle prior to Streams of Power.

As they gave thanks for the victories that have been granted by God, Pastor Daniel and his wife remembered how they dealt with the sometimes unfair expectations that people had for their five children as they grew up. “I always reminded people that my children are children, they are not angels.”

Stating that even the best of people fail God, even the great men of scripture, Rev. Daniel told SEARCHLIGHT that even though they tried their best to raise their children in the way of God and expected a good example to be set by them that “they didn’t always please us,” quickly adding, “We didn’t always please them.”

The proud parents are, however, glad that after all the challenges each of their children is involved in some way in the work of the Lord and making them very proud. Rev. Daniel told SEARCHLIGHT that while we look at the behaviour of pastors’ children, on a whole, pastors have often made the mistake of being too busy looking after other people’s children when time needs to be spent with their own children. “If I could correct some of those mistakes I would, but my children are grown now,” stated the popular pastor and tele-evangelist.

Even though she was taken aback at first when people spoke negatives about her and her husband, Carmalie, a former nurse of over 10 years experience told SEARCHLIGHT that she had learnt to deal with opposition and negativity by shutting in with the Lord. “I spend quality time with God and in his word.” She maintains an assurance in God’s deliverance no matter the situation. “God gives the victory” boldly declared this outspoken pastor’s wife.

“Being the wife of a very busy man, sometimes you can feel neglected,” said Sister Daniel as she opened up about their relationship. She told SEARCHLIGHT that every time it seems as though he is getting carried away with ministry, she will just bring it to his attention. “I remind him that he is married to me and not the ministry.”

Admitting that he sometimes struggled with balancing his time, Rev Daniel said that he has and continues to make every effort to do so. “We often find time to spend alone and communicate with each other.” He told SEARCHLIGHT that he believes that he is getting better at it as he gets older.

Known as an outspoken couple, Rev Daniel made it a point to state that it is never his intention to hurt anyone but rather to be frank and honest. “If I hurt anyone I am always willing to apologize,” he added, echoing the sentiments that he also expressed in his acceptance speech at the celebratory service last Sunday.

They are both looking forward to the completion of the multi-million dollar church complex at Ratho Mill. “We will be finished in 2007.” Pastor Daniel wanted to make it plain that, “The project is not for me, it is for God’s honour.”

“The biggest buildings must not be jails; this building will honour God,” he added.

Pastor D and Sis D continue to look forward to doing God’s will in the midst of all obstacles.