Daniel siblings pay tribute to parents
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May 5, 2006
Daniel siblings pay tribute to parents


Many things were said and all present declared their appreciation, but the greatest moments of Rev. Errol and wife Carmalie Daniel’s surprise appreciation service must be the sentiments expressed by their own children.

In what was truly a well planned celebratory affair, the couple was saluted for their thirty six years in the ministry at service last Sunday, April 30 at the Streams of Power main branch at Sion Hill. {{more}}

“I don’t need any other example since I have you” declared their youngest son Darion as he paid an emotional tribute to his parents. Fighting quite hard to hold back the building river of tears, he described them as hard working, committed parents. Darion applauded his parents for raising him and his four siblings even though “we weren’t always easy to deal with.”

Darion told the packed congregation that he always remembered his parents dealing with every obstacle they faced with prayer and giving them the type of spiritual foundation that they needed. When she teamed up with her younger sister Davern to call live from Atlanta Georgia, eldest daughter Denise brought tears to her parents eyes as she bellowed the well loved hymn “great is thy faithfulness,” accompanied by brother Dennis, on the keyboard.

Even as he made clear his intention to follow his parents in ministry and honour the prayers they prayed for him over the years, Darion also reminded every one that his parents are humans. “They need your prayer and support too.” He spoke glowingly of his father’s dedication reflecting on his involvement in every aspect of the church’s life and his desire to ensure that all is in order in the ministry. He even had to hide the car keys to delay him so that he wouldn’t be at service at his regular time on Sunday. Darion returned the keys after his speech, to the amusement of those present.

When she spoke, Denise also challenged the congregation not to wait another thirty six years to honour her parents, “make it an annual thing” she said, while Davern reflected on their childhood days when only gospel music was played in the house. That and the fact that their eldest son Dennis was ever present leading the church band and choir must have been the icing on the cake of Rev Daniel’s already auspicious day.