Special Features
March 10, 2006

Remember Fort Charlotte

A plea has been made by Minister of Culture Rene` Baptiste to remember the historical monuments in this country.

Baptiste, speaking recently at a press conference, noted that Fort Charlotte, which will be celebrating its 200th anniversary, is one of the places that should be appreciated by Vincentians for its history. {{more}}

The Culture Minister emphasised that Fort Charlotte is probably the only one of its kind to have the guns turned inland because “the enemy was within”.

She explained, “We have to stop and take note that a country like Britain which was an Empire had to contend with the indigenous peoples.”

She went on: “The Garifuna peoples had to be a type of spirit to stand up to those guns, in the thick forest below and wonder, “Should I die for this cause?” ”

Minister Baptiste announced that already materials have been received so that the Attorney General can table the Bill for Preservation of National Monuments, and she also invited persons to come forward with proposals.

She voiced the concern that too much of what is foreign and alien to the country continuously penetrates the nation.

Tomorrow, a cultural evening will be held at Fort Charlotte to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the national monument and a book will also be launched at the event.

Later that day, the Avenue Dancers will put on a dance from 7pm at the Peace Memorial Hall.

The theme for National Heroes and Heritage month is “Preserving Our Heritage with Pride.”