Special Features
December 2, 2005
Introducing… PAK YA and U.S. Personal Shopper

Since Federal Express demonstrated that there is a large market of persons requiring small packages to be delivered around the world and the region, there has been fierce competition in this industry.

For all of its reach, FEDEX has encountered difficulties in delivering packages between islands in the region in less than 48 hours, whereas a package from anywhere in the continental U.S. can be delivered within 24 hours.{{more}}

To fill the gap, Caribbean Star introduced STAR PAC which can deliver your packages regionally in 24 hours where customs procedures permit it.

As Courier and Cargo Coordinator Calvert Walters put it, ‘Our job is the delivery of goods on time and efficiently.’

But not only does Vincy Aviation Services represent the STAR PAC service because it can do regional delivery in a shorter time than the major international competitor, but at a starting price of US$13 per package/pound persons can enjoy free pick-up and free delivery of their packages.

Another service that has proven popular is the offer of U.S. postal boxes. Currently Vincy Aviation offers a service called MYBOX and has recently introduced a competitive service dubbed


These services allow persons to have a U.S. mail box address and have stuff delivered to that box especially where some businesses do not export outside of the United States. Such boxes are also useful for taking advantage of magazine subscriptions and other such services.

PAK YA is currently offering free sign up. During this time persons can save the $40.00 annual membership fee.

But there are also persons who want access to products in the U.S. but do not possess a Credit Card.

Shortly, Vincy Aviation Services will be introducing a Personal Shopper Service when someone will physically take your shopping list, get your items and Vincy Aviation will have them delivered to you providing custom brokerage service, all of this for a reasonable, affordable fee.

TNT, the fourth largest courier service in the world is also represented by VAS. At present the service is only in-bound delivery, but according to the VAS management an out-bound service will soon be available.