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October 28, 2005
Police still searching for murderers

On July 10, 2002, Lynton John’s burnt remains were found in a pick-up Truck at Argyle, and there seemed to be no clues as to the circumstances leading to his death.

The Police are investigating how 24-year-old Lomando ‘Tiba’ Bynoe met his death. First reports were that the body of a woman was found at an area described as Diegro, in North Leeward. A second report by the Police revealed that the corpse was that of a male. The decomposing body was found August 3. Interest in that matter was renewed when a youngster made a miraculous escape from the trunk of a car. Information conveyed to the Police led to the identification of the corpse. Bynoe, from Paul’s Avenue in Central Kingstown, left his home Monday, July 29. {{more}}

Franklyn Maloney, a 27-year-old Richland Park farmer left his home Tuesday September 10, 2002. His body was found at a place called Camel. Post mortem results indicated that Maloney’s neck and spine were broken.

On December 4, 2002, ex-convict Reynold Peters was found at his home in the South Central Windward village of Chapmans. He had several chops to the body. Peters was the centre of an historic constitutional action, after he won a case of torture while an inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison. It surfaced through his being beaten with the cat-o-nine tails, and kept in confinement for nearly a year after he struck a Prison officer at the penitentiary.

Only the case of retired Police Inspector Oswald Regisford is proving difficult for the police for 2003. Regisford, aged 62 was owner of Professional Security Services. His body was recovered at his home on McKies Hill at about 4:45 on the afternoon of Tuesday September 2. Reports from the Police were that Regisford died from injuries to the head.

2004 was a record-breaking year for murders in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. There were 28 killings.

The Police are still looking into Vanester Lorraine’s death. She left her home in the East St. George village of Enhams Saturday April 3. Her decaying corpse was found Sunday April 11 in a bushy area above the Enhams clinic. How Lorraine came to her death is a mystery.

Dwight Stapleton became the subject of Police investigation following an incident at Paul’s Avenue Monday June 7. Stapleton was shot in the wee hours of that morning.

Selma Wallace’s death is puzzling. Her body was found shortly after 6 am Saturday July 3, in a temporary toilet at White Chapel Road, just outside the High Court building in Kingstown. Wallace, aged 37 was naked and was raped and strangled.

Decima John, a 34-year-old Carriere woman was shot on her way to an outside toilet Wednesday July 6, 2004. She was scheduled to appear in court the following day to testify as a victim of a rape charge.

That week saw the shooting death of 22-year-old Antonio ‘Bogo’ Cuffy. His end came during a carnival fete at an entertainment spot called Shipwreck Wednesday July 7. Cuffy was on a boat docked outside the Chamber of Industry Car Park not too far from the Central Police Station in Kingstown.

Franklyn Williams died at Questelles from a single bullet received as he walked to a vehicle about 2:30 on the morning of December 6. Williams, aged 38 was at home on vacation from duties with a Cruise line.

So far for this year (2005), the Police have four matters that interest them.

Incidents involving French visitors appear to occur with some frequency in Vincentian circles.

In addition to Susan Mousberger who was found dead in Mustique, there is Herbie Nisas whose body was found in Chateabelair.

Four persons died on a French registered yacht Sir Jean which exploded Tuesday, February 12, 2002 off the shores of Peters Hope in Central Leeward. Three were French citizens Jean Noel Martin, 51, Pierre De La Londe, 20, and Annie Aster, 19. The other passenger was boat owner Belgian Simone Rolous, 59.

What happened to Josette Tessier Ducros, a 67-year-old French woman could be the centre piece of a movie. She arrived in the southern Grenadine district of Tobago Cays on an excursion with a group of holidaymakers. She was missing when the head count was done for the return. A postmortem revealed she was strangled sometime between Saturday April 16 and Sunday, April 17, 2005.

The Matthias family of Park Hill must be feeling that justice is not coming their way. One of their kin, Christobell, was killed in 1997. Her killer is yet to be apprehended and as by a twist of dubious coincidence, a similar fate appears to have befallen another sister.

The more recent crime involved Mamit Matthias, aged 75. She went to a river in the Park Hill area to bathe on the afternoon of Tuesday, June 28, 2005. Her body was found face down at a place called Dr. Smith around 1 a.m. Wednesday, June 29. She was naked and was reportedly raped.

It seems as if the name Cuffy is an unlucky one if you celebrate carnival festivities in Kingstown.

Police are still trying to solve the murder of Orand Cuffy, a 21-year-old Redemption Sharpes man. His body was found in Kingstown during J’Ouvert celebrations July 4, 2005.

Lakita Duke’s nude body was found in an area of Diamond about seven miles north east of Capital City Kingstown. She was a domestic aged 21 and lived at Glen. One other matter of concern to the Police this year surrounds the shooting death of Gevorn Nero. He died in the North Windward village of Sandy Bay August 5, 2005.

Heron Nanton has been charged for his role in that killing. However, the Police were on the trail of 23-year-old Steve Browne. He has been linked to this murder, but there has been no report of his being caught.

Police still have to charge someone in connection with the death of a man said to be in his 30’s. The body whose identity is yet to be determined was found Friday September 16, 2005 in an area known as Morne Ronde, on the North Leeward end of mainland St. Vincent. That is a zone known for illegal farming activities which have entangled a number of non-Vincentians.

The body was found tied with a length of strong man rope and bore marks of violence.