Montgomery Daniel: Judge me by my works
Special Feature
November 18, 2005

Montgomery Daniel: Judge me by my works

Parliamentary Representative for North Windward, Montgomery Daniel was given an enthusiastic show of support by thousands of cheering constituents at Sandy Bay on Saturday, November 12.

Daniel, who is also the Junior Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, was at the time delivering a report of his stewardship to the people of his community. He cited successes attained in the arrowroot industry such as the increased acreage of the crop from 100 to 400 acres, the relocation of the Arrowroot Association Office and pulverization plant to Orange Hill and the refurbishment of the factory at Owia.##M;[more]##

He mentioned his work with the Banana Association and the fact that farine could now be bought from a cassava factory that was introduced at Orange Hill as a means of diversification.

The former teacher and agriculturalist said that his community has benefited from the education revolution in several ways. He gave as examples the building of the Learning Resource Centre and the Secondary School at Sandy Bay. He said the presence of the secondary school in the community has alleviated many problems parents previously faced including high transportation costs and parents’ inability to adequately supervise their children when they were going to school outside their home community.

Daniel announced that plans are in an advanced state for the construction of a Japanese-funded $6 million fishing complex in the New Democratic Party (NDP) stronghold of Owia. He said that construction on the facility is slated to begin in February, 2006. He went on to say that he had taken good care of the village of Owia during his tenure. The community had received a new school bus, police vehicle and ambulance, and the Owia Police Station had been refurbished at a cost of $200,000. The clinic and primary school had also been refurbished.

The parliamentary representative spoke of the difficulties his constituents have faced for generations dealing with the Rabacca River during the rainy season. He reminded residents that $3 million has already been received from the Government of Taiwan for the construction of a bridge over that river.

Acknowledging that there is a lot more work to be done, Daniel urged his constituents to return the ULP administration to Government to “continue the clean up of this country, the garbage collection, the road development, and we want to make sure we get the road from Fancy to Rabacca, that we have that road.”

He continued, “I have presented my report to you. Judge me on what I have done for four-and-a-half years. Judge me on what I have done, and what I want to continue to do. It is for you, all of us to look and see what Montgomery Daniel has to offer to the people of North Windward and make their own judgment as to whether or not they want a candidate like Montgomery Daniel, because only Labour can deliver.”